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About Canoe Inc. Creative

We believe that people sit at the heart of all brands through innovative design and production, we prize ourselves on creating culturally resonant experiences from iconic brands.

Founded in 2002, Canoe Inc is a global multi-discipline agency that prides itself on contributing and building community; placing brands at the heart of peoples lifestyles. We share meaningful stories from some of the worlds most iconic brands and bring to life new products through our PR and Social Departments.

Creative Strategy

First the seed, then the flower. We believe that every idea has the potential to grow which is why we get excited about exploring the new and helping clients to define the essence of their brand.


From campaigns to still life, fashion to extreme sports, we deliver imagery that reflects the brand in its true light that resonates with they target audiences.


Our approach to film-making is built on a deep understanding of the consumer landscape. At Canoe Inc Creative, we relish the opportunity to create content that stimulates select target audiences visually, emotionally and intellectually.


From a simple line drawing to a complex vector based graphic, illustration aids truthful narrative that is simple and easy to understand. We pride ourselves on creating meaningful illustrations that speak to the hearts of consumers.


With digital fast becoming the most accessible way to establish a brands values and resonate with its audience on mass, we believe that animation is one of the simplest ways that a brand can connect to an audience in a meaningful and authentic way.

Packaging Design

As nostalgic as a child at Christmas, packaging serves both a purpose and triggers an emotion. From commercial wrapping to innovative packaging designs, we believe that a brand should come to life from the outside just as much as the inside.


We believe that every brand has its own voice and we are here to help them find it. From logo design to communication strategy, brand guidelines to content, we are here to lay the foundations for brands to build their future.

Web Design

We believe that the first page on a website is just as important as the rest of the content that sits in it. From design to user experience, we build websites that communicate a brand voice, every click of the way.

App Design

The three key elements in designing an app are functionality, usability and accessibility. We help brands devise simple to use, brand resonant apps that engage and retain its users.


Words. We use them every day to communicate but so often in copy, words read empty. We believe that words are just as powerful as visuals in expressing a brands identity and communicating key values.

Print Design

We see it on billboards, in books and on packaging. Print design provides the consumer with a form of visual communication to convey information directly in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Retail Design

Through integrated 2D and 3D design, we create retail environments that create high impact and commercial return without the need to dilute brand beliefs and standards.

Experiential Design

Immersive, experiential design is one of the most effective ways to engage, connect and intrigue audiences on mass or small scale. We work closely with brands to help them refine the questions they want their consumers to find answers to.

Event Production

Whatever the event- large or small- every little detail counts. From product launches to new store openings, intimate dinners to experiential environments, we pride ourselves on creating unforgettable, innovative experiences at any scale.

Art Direction

It’s true what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. We believe that Art Direction is paramount in communicating brand narratives and bringing their products and people to life.

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We create insightful strategies that put brands at the heart of people’s lifestyles in relevant and meaningful ways.



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